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Power Ortho Mattresses

Configuration of mattress

Premium foam + Bonnell Spring + Compressed + Insulating Pad + Softy foam

Thickness:- 6" (Inch)

Size Code Size Code Size Code
72X30 75X30 78X30
72X36 75X36 78X36
72X42 75X42 78X42
72X48 75X48 78X48
72X60 75X60 78X60
72X72 75X72 78X72
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An average human spend its one-third (approx.25years) of life in bed. Which is crucial for healing our mind, body. This product is focused on providing perfect support for your body making sure you adapt the correct sleeping position, aligning your spine and increasing blood circulation. It has ability to effectively redistribute weight and surface pressure between the skin and bone area of the body, ensures proper blood circulation at hips, back, elbow and legs. The mattress is both side usable one side medium soft and one side firm for accurate spine support.